Terms of Service

Ticketbay.com.ng is an innovative, secure and user-friendly ticketing platform in Lagos Nigeria that makes buying and selling of event tickets easy, safe and fast. By using or visiting our website, you are agreeing to abide by the rules set out on our terms and conditions.

When you disregard these Terms of Use, Ticketbay reserves the right to prevent you from using the site, cancel your ticket booking(s) or take appropriate legal action against you. Every content on TicketBay site is fully owned and developed by TicketBay Company and we do not assure you that the website will be error-less.

TicketBay Company only charges a booking fee and this will be set by the organizer/promoter, we don’t fix ticket prices, neither do we host nor control ticket prices of events on our website.

  1. Treat your tickets with the same security as your own cash. if copies are made, the first ticket scanned at the event will be given entry, however subsequent scans (either original or copies) will not be allowed entry.
  1. We are not liable for loss or damaged event ticket(s) once you have received the ticket. However, it’s the duty of the buyer to contact us after booking a ticket and he/she did not get a booking confirmation.
  1. TicketBay will not give a refund of purchased tickets, except in the situation whereby the event is cancelled, and that will be done through the event organizer.
  1. TicketBay will not be responsible for services or failure to act of any promoter/organizer, venue, and performer in regard to any event on our website.
  1. It is required that the organizer is sure if the proposed event venue does not accept electric equipment and items such as mobile phones, food or drink.
  1. Tickets can be regulated to maximum number per person. In a case where ticket bookings exceed this number, we hold the right to cancel such ticket.
  1. TicketBay is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.
  1. An organizer/promoter should be sure if there is the last entry time, to prevent situations whereby a ticket owner is denied access/entry to an event.
  1. We do not guarantee any particular result when you use our website/services.
  2. TicketBay terms of operations are in accordance and governed by Nigerian law.
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